Collaborative Creation

Radio Right Left is a collaborative project designed to allow Americans to freely and anonymously share their thoughts and feelings about our collective future.

We are in this together no matter what, so the more we understand each other, the more we can work together to create a positive future for everyone.

Mutual Respect

Please note that no respectful contributions to Radio Right Left will be removed or censored, and all recordings will immediately become active in the project for others to hear.

As a result, you will hear things you don't agree with and that might even offend you. But please don't give up; this is the point!

Listen with an open mind and heart and give to others the same respect you desire from them.

Listen and Contribute

LISTEN to a customized audio stream comprised of audio recordings contributed by other participants mixed with a bed of ambient music. Filter it to suit your interests.

CONTRIBUTE your own thoughts to the mix using the mic on your computer and a few simple steps.

Check out the MAP to listen to individual contributions and see where they came from.

Thanks for being a part of this experiment. Enjoy!

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Other ways to reach us or participate